Saturday, December 28, 2013

In which I am the last person on earth to notice the after-market trend

Back after a holiday breakdown,  I ventured out on Grand Ave. sans snowsuit and, bing bang,  ran into this smilesperson for the American Dental Association.  As perfect as her teeth are here in the land of regular checkups,  just imagine the VIP treatment she'd get in Alabama.  A full set of teeth should never be taken for granted.
I digress.
It's come to my attention, finally, that clothing manufacturers are getting into the after-market pimping biz.  What used to be a DIY expression of individuality and rad creativity is now co-opted by professionals with access to more than  a hot glue gun, as illustrated by the Free People MASHup of military styles above.  Yes, I like, and it adds an extra layer of interest to under-appreciated elbows, but I'm a little nostalgic for prototypes made with glue, safety pins, puff paint and other shit from Michael's.  Speaking of, let's take a trip through DIY after-market add-ons I may or may not have worn...

Ok, I've already got the scissors out, poised to make this last one.  I feel like puff paint might make this my very own.

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