Wednesday, December 11, 2013

going places

Fake animals about the neck are strictly OK because it was thirty below habitable in Mpls, thus a strong survival instinct is at play here.  In sharp contrast to some flip flopped  dudes disembarking from Tampa/St. Pete who are almost certainly dead by now.  Our cozily swaddled traveler, above,  is on her way to a career in fashion merchandising, by way of Milwaukee, NYC, road trip with the fam that ended in Mpls and back to that fashion capitol.  NYC.  Not Milwaukee.  Phew.  I am so so glad she was paying attention during the AirWear class which spent a full week on the rise and attempts to banish pink velour sweatpants and Uggs from the travel milieu.  Possibly because of the economy,  this unfortunate look is stubbornly entrenched.

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