Saturday, March 20, 2010

gh2, minneapolis

Aren't I bad? Rhetorical question friends. I went to gh2 not for the clothes but for the people who inhabit them. Non-retail motives aside, I met these two individualists who worked at gh2 and we had a moment. First off, thanks for your post-it of importance. They turned me on to Bryanboy and my new love, Advanced Style, dedicated to very experienced sartorialists in NYC. I hope you will all take a minute and go back to my January 2, 2010 and November 2009 posts -- some wonderful wonderful dressers who are about 10 times more beautiful than 16 years old.

Ok, breathe, walk it off. Back to the gh2 crew -- the woman on the left is doing Moschino pants from the 80s and her mom's knock-off Versace pendant. The woman on the right has done right by her petite stature with a thrifted (did I just verb?) sweater and beat-up eyelet skirt of modest Gap provenance. Oh yeah, introduce yourselves to Wayne Tippetts Photography, although he is rather in the thrall of youth and beauty and makes no attempt to venture further.

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