Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So here it is. Sort of like a point and shoot image of the Grand Canyon -- doesn't quite capture it. The watery color and the weight -- it must be 7 or 8 pounds from the beading. The whole thing is handmade and it's in perfect shape. I picked it up and made the decision to buy it in under 5 seconds so it was yet another pleasant surprise to discover that it fits! I feel very happy just looking at the swirly bead patterns and the heavenly color, and picking it up and feeling the heft... That may be the only action this frock sees, as events of beaded silk magnitude don't come along frequently in my life. I'm very anti-warehouse (wearhouse, ha) when it comes to clothes. My closet is like a swift moving stream, but there are a few outrages that I find life-affirming just by owning -- no need to subject them to the slings and arrows, and salad dressing, of my daily skirmish.

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