Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

I wish to high heaven I could figure out how to make the photos larger. If someone has an idea, I'd be completely in your debt if you'd share. That said, I tried to zoom in on some salient features, and there were many. The newspapery glasses (are those Moscot?), the Halston-esque pendant necklace, the ostrich-textured bag with little luggage-y feet, the tucked dirndl and plaid tights from Urban Outfitters. I also felt strongly about color combo of the mustard colored top and turquoise bag. Does this look say September or what?


Anne said...

I'm the Autumn lady in the photo. For you I have a question: considering you have this fashion blog, are you, by chance, a member of I'm looking to join and need an invitation! You can email me at Thanks for putting me on your site; it made my day. A.

Annie said...

Hey again,

Long after you snapped my photo on the street, I've started a fashion blog of my own! You can catch me at:

Thanks for inspiring me to jump on the fashion blog bandwagon!